Resolving Land Disputes in Southeast British Columbia

A land dispute can arise from any number of things, including a real estate deal gone bad, defects in a title, expropriation, flood damage, and just about any situation that brings about a land-related claim. Our law office has been involved in many significant land-related claims throughout South Eastern British Columbia, some of which have involved documents and events that stretched back over many decades.

Title Claims

Our law office has been involved with title claims related to beneficial title, constructive trust, unjust enrichment, and quantum meruit, a Latin term for “what one has earned.”

Purchase & Sale

We help clients who have an issue involving a purchase or sale. These disputes largely revolve around the interpretation of a contract, misrepresentation, or fraud.


We have represented the expropriating authority in some cases. In other cases, we have represented the land owner. So, we have seen both sides. We strive to ensure that the expropriating terms are fair and that proper compensation is paid.

Zoning & Land Use

Other areas of land disputes we handle include easements, water licenses, trespass, and land use regulations, including zoning bylaws.

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