Successes in British Columbia

Over the years, Robertson & Company has succeeded in obtaining for our clients substantially more than the insurance companies were willing to offer in the form of a settlement.

Record-Setting Legal Judgments

Today, we continue our firm’s record of successful motor vehicle injury litigation cases. In some of these, our clients have obtained record-setting judgments that exceeded their expectations and the settlement offers of the insurance companies.

Case #1

A 49-year-old supervisor whose driver’s door was struck at 50 kilometers-per-hour suffered a subtle brain injury which changed his personality and rendered him dysfunctional as an employee, although he was largely capable of looking after his daily routine. The insurer initially offered $650,000.00. About 25 witnesses, including 10 medical and other experts, were assembled for trial. The case was resolved just before trial began at a total just under $1.6 million.

Case #2

A 17-year-old sports car passenger suffered head and other physical injuries when the car left the road at high speed and flipped over. He suffered notable cognitive changes. His learning ability and employment potential were significantly impaired. The case was resolved at over $1.5 million.

Case #3

A 40-year-old landscaper was rear-ended in a three-vehicle chain reaction accident while she was stopped at a traffic light. The impact of the accident resulted in the client developing severe fibromyalgia, a crippling and chronically painful condition. Before and during the trial, the defendants’ insurer, I.C.B.C., offered only $70,000.00. After 14 days of trial, the jury awarded our client $1,456,500.00. In British Columbia, this became the largest fibromyalgia-related award to that point.

Case #4

A 14-year-old boy, who was a passenger in a pickup truck, was tossed from the truck when it left the road. He suffered head injuries. To a large degree, his behaviour afterwards appeared normal. But various medical tests, including neuro-psychological tests, showed him to have a significant learning disability caused by the injuries to his head. Initially, I.C.B.C. had offered the parents $19,000.00. The case was settled just before trial for $1,000,000.00.

Case #5

A 47-year-old mill worker suffered a significant lower-back soft tissue injury after his pickup truck was T-boned at a stop sign. A car insured by State Farm® failed to negotiate a curve on the TransCanada Highway just north of Golden, British Columbia. Within two weeks, the victim became a client of our firm. State Farm’s proposed settlement amount was $120,000.00. After a trial lasting 23 days, our client was awarded $725,205.00 in addition to interest and legal costs. After State Farm® appealed the decision, the British Columbia Court of Appeal not only upheld the decision, but increased the amount by 15%, together with additional interest and further legal costs. This led to a new total of $855,240.00.

Case #6

A 17-year-old pedestrian, outside a crosswalk, was struck by an oncoming truck. She suffered a significant leg fracture and cognitive changes. I.C.B.C. originally offered nothing. Sophisticated scene investigation, together with forensic neuro-psychological, and psychiatric studies resulted in a settlement shortly before trial of almost $800,000.00.

Case #7

A young girl, age 3, appeared normal following a brief period of unconsciousness when her mother’s vehicle was “T-boned” by another driver who had run a stop sign. Later, in the primary grades, her alert and caring parents and teachers noticed that she had a difficulty with one important aspect of learning. I.C.B.C. had originally offered $18,000.00. Following highly sophisticated testing and investigation, the case was settled for $650,000.00.

Case #8

A middle-aged lady who had suffered neck injuries was offered $90,000.00 by I.C.B.C. The offer was reduced to $65,000.00 just before trial. One of this province’s most experienced trial judges awarded her approximately $350,000.00.

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